Trip to Cape Town 2

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Trip to Cape Town 2


 The first cape town project was very successful for the three kids, who took part in it! Therefore, we decided to do it again with different kids. We have selected four kids from our Shamwari community to participate for the trip to Cape Town.  Two boys (13 and 16 years) and two girls (15 years) have been selected to join on this year’s Cape Town trip. They are all affected by some form of disability which has effected their confidence and prevents them from taking part in certain activities such as sport. Quinton, product development manager, is speaking to a few contacts in the medical field, who might be able to help the kids have a better quality of life. These four children have shown extraordinary initiative in trying to better their circumstances. These kids have to cope with some disabilities and have not been able to get outside of their environment and find a new sense of discovery and inspiration. They have never quit or given up and we would like to help them keep their positive momentum by saying “yes you can”.


To help foster positive change in their lives, we would like to send them on a trip to Cape Town. It represents chance for them to gain a lifetime experience that will expose them to nature, culture, and a visualization of what they could achieve if they continue to apply themselves. We want to help nurture their motivation and aspirations by giving them a tangible look at where they want to be and what they want to become.

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