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Sports equipment 3


Sports teams, in the area of Paterson, Alicedale and other small villages, cannot afford to play in the higher leagues due to lack of transportation and infrastructure issues (even though some of the teams are top ranked). Additionally, as community sports are run with low budgets, we have been approached with the need for field maintenance equipment (e.g. weed cutters/lawn mowers). We have learned that the usual way to trim the fields is to use goats, which at times leave patches of long grass that can conceal snakes. The snakes present quite a danger to the young athletes and their spectators. Right now a lot of players play without shoes, and the teams often only have one ball to practice with.

Sport is easily on of the most important activities in our local townships; it keeps children and young adults active, and gives them a sense of team work and self-value.  Because of the poverty levels in these small towns, the majority of kids that graduate from school end up staying at home as there are no jobs opportunities, unfortunately leading to a high level of drug and alcohol abuse and teen pregnancies.


The aim of this project is to provide the community enough money to purchase the sports equipment and supplement the transport that they urgently need and to continue to give children and young adults an outlet to practice team skills and realize their own self-worth.

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