Peggy’s house

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Peggy’s house


Peggy started on April 2014 taking care of kids, but started off as a non-registered orphanage at her house.  She currently has 6 children (3 boys and 3 girls) staying with her permanently.  The community realized she is taking care of some children and started bringing their children to her as well to look after during the day.  She is now running an orphanage / day care centre on her own.  There are approximately 26 children with her during the day between the ages of 0-6 years old.  Peggy relies on donations for food etc.  Two of the children have now started school recently.


The building needs a lot of maintenance.  The roof is leaking and has no insulation.  The girls are sharing a bed and some of the mattresses are completely worn.  Three of the rooms have no electricity in it.  During winter they all sleep in one small room with one heater.  She has very limited space and wants to convert the one room into a classroom.  Rooms need to be painted, there is no jungle gym for the children.  We are trying to help her and the children by raising funds to fix the roof completely, put electricity in and buy new bunk beds for the children.

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