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Projects that are still on fund raising

  • young-adult-development-program-2-siphokazi

    Young Adult Development Program 2 – Siphokazi

    Background: Due to South Africa’s high poverty levels, many bright young individuals have a bleak future regarding job opportunities, let alone getting into a career of their choice. Transport, technology, and after school education programs are often taken for granted here, but a lack of any of these factors present

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  • childrens-school-uniform-2

    Children’s school uniform 2

    Background: Kids in the townships are washing their school uniform outside every second day because they might wear the same shirt every day or wear broken shoes or clothes with holes in them. Aim: Our local partner will be able to put together the uniform. The most part of the

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  • sports-equipment-3

    Sports equipment 3

    Background: Sports teams, in the area of Paterson, Alicedale and other small villages, cannot afford to play in the higher leagues due to lack of transportation and infrastructure issues (even though some of the teams are top ranked). Additionally, as community sports are run with low budgets, we have been approached with the need

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  • monthly-food-hamper-day-care-6

    Monthly food hamper day care – 6

    Background: The Day Care centers, situated in Paterson and Alicedale area, receive monthly support by a small subvention from the government. This money takes months to be paid, which in turn impacts the centers negatively, as they must rely on outside help to buy food and electricity. The funds are

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