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  • testimonial-of-michela-moro

    Testimonial of Michela Moro

    Today we had a chat with Michela Moro, who is a member and already confirmed her membership for 2019! Here three questions we asked her: 1) What made you want to donate towards a Swiss Charity? I choose WeShamwari because I know two committee members and I am sure that

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  • cape-town-project-ii

    Cape Town Project II

    Dear Shamwarriors   We are proud to show you a short video about last October’s project Cape Town II. Elena and Andrea, two committee’s members together with Cindy and Chanel from our local partner, travelled to Cape Town with Yonela, Mabhongo, Mcanda and Nosiphosethu, who are four disable kids from Alicedale and Paterson.    

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  • weshamwari-2018-achievements

    WeShamwari 2018 achievements

    Dear Shamwarriors It has been a great year full of LOVE. Thanks to your ❤️ kindness and support ❤️ and that of some companies, we have had an impact on the lives of the people living in Alicedale and Paterson. Together we have raised more than 25’000 CHF in a year

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  • peggys-house-project-completed

    Peggy’s house project completed !

    We are very proud to have succesfully implemented one of our biggest projects!   Background: Peggy started on April 2014 taking care of kids, but started off as a non-registered orphanage at her house.  She currently has 6 children (3 boys and 3 girls) staying with her permanently.  The community

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  • project-sports-equipment-2-completed

    Project Sports Equipment 2 completed !

    We are very proud to show you the result of our project Sport Equipment 2 ! In collaboration with our local partner, Shamwari Conservation Experience, we organized a Sport Day. The day was a success and the people in the community of Alicedale enjoyed the new equipment. The local people

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  • testimonial-of-ivan-di-capua-first-donor-outside-switzerland

    Testimonial of Ivan di Capua – First donor outside Switzerland !

    Our second interview is now out ! We are very happy to have a chat with Ivan, our first donor outside Switzerland and that this year decided to become a member. 1) What made you want to donate towards a Swiss Charity? I would say that the main reason why

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  • three-new-projects-in-motion

    Three new projects in motion

    Dear Shamwarriors Our song has started to have an impact as we now have new members in our family ! Thanks to some new donations we are able to complete three more projects ! Sports Equipment 2, Rubbish Bin Project and Sinavuyo Day Care Center Carpets are going to be implemented soon !

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  • music-instruments-project-update

    “Music instruments project” update

    Dear Shamwarriors  We are proud to show you the results of the music instruments project ! The above video, prouduced by our local, partner Shamwari Conservation Experience, shows the day that we delievered the music instruments to Alicadale. The school principal also wrote us a letter: “Dear Cindy and donors

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  • fifth-monthly-food-hamper-day-care-project-completed

    Fifth “Monthly Food Hamper Day Care” project completed !

    We are delighted to show you a video of Phumla, who started and manages one of the day care centers. In collaboration with our local partner, Shamwari conservation Experience, she thanks all the donors for their donations. She has proudly taken the video in front of part of the food

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  • testimonials-of-lisa-caspescha-our-first-member

    Testimonials of Lisa Caspescha – Our first member !

    Welcome to our new website’s section: the blog!   For our first article we are very happy to interview Lisa, who was the first person to become member and is still supporting us. We asked her the following three questions:   1) Why did you become member? I support various

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