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WeShamwari is a Swiss charity association founded in Zurich, Switzerland in February 2017 by a diverse group of friends, which share a passion for travelling, meeting people and experiencing the cultures of the world.

Our vision is to enhance a world where people, especially children, living in poverty are able to take control of their future and actively shape it. We wish to give an opportunity to as many African children and communities as possible through access to high-quality education, healthy food, safe playgrounds, aimed micro-credits, sport activities, and ecological literacy. We aim to identify and fund selected programs which will support African people, animals and/or the natural environment. Some projects will have short-term, easy-to-reach goals, while others will be longer term and hopefully have an even more significant impact.

We want to provide high transparency and active communication to our donors for each selected and sponsored project. We hope that our donors will be motivated to support our cause and give a small, but meaningful contribution to the African communities. Every single step will bring us closer to reaching our aspiration: to shape a better world, where we are proud to live in.

All projects are realized and implemented by non-governmental authorities and volunteers in close collaboration with the local communities. 100% of the sponsored funding will go to the projects – we don’t take any money for marketing, financial or any other administrative activity.

WeShamwari needs a huge effort from its committee and other volunteers. For instance, the website, the logo and the pictures were only created thanks to a bunch of motivated people that volunteered their time in order to help us build our association. This type of aid and sponsoring is needed to reduce our costs as much as possible, allowing us the possibility to pass all of donation amount to the projects. At the moment, WeShamwari has a partner located in South Africa; donations raised will be transferred to our partner and invested in the agreed projects. Please take some time to review our terms and conditions, found under the policies tab.
Fundraising means to collect money for a charity of your choice. If you are going to transfer an amount directly to our bank account without choosing one of the available projects, we will invest this amount in the most needed project.
We work in small communities located in the Eastern Cape of South Africa, close to Port Elizabeth. All the projects are chosen in fully agreement and with our local partner located in South Africa.
Becoming a member allows you to be part of our association. You will be able to participate at our general assembly, you will get our newsletter (if wanted) and you will support our projects with a yearly fee of CHF 80.00.If you would like to help support beyond sending a donation, consider becoming a member.
1) Transferring the amount to one of our two banking account: CHF: CH38 0900 0000 6912 0933 7 (account number: 69-120933-7) BIC: POFICHBEXXX EUR: CH18 0900 0000 9144 2134 4 (account number: 91-442134-4) BIC: POFICHBEXXX euroSIC Clearing-Nr: 090002 Name of Bank: PostFinance Ltd Mingerstrasse 20 3030 Bern 2) Select a project on our website and then click the button “Donate now”. Once the donation amount is selected, it will be possible to donate through PayPal or with a Credit/Debit card.
Projects are provided by our partners. Before we choose a new additional partner to work with, we will personally go to check out their operations, see how they work, to ensure proper standards and measures are in place. Before starting a partnership with Shamwari Conservation Experience, three of our 7 directors visited them as volunteers and confirmed conditions.
The agreement with our partner guarantee that the whole (100%) amount raised is going to be used for the selected projects. Please be aware that fees charged by credit card companies will reduce your donation impact. For example, if you choose to donate CHF 10 directly from your credit card, the amount that goes to the project goal will be CHF 9.11 (a charge of 8.9%).
This slogan is applicable to donations. 100% of the money raised through donations flows to our partners. Currently, all maintenance costs are covered by the WeShamwari committee. Sponsorship and volunteer aid will greatly help us stay true to this slogan.
The donation amount flows into our bank or PayPal account. Once we reached the target of a project, then we transfer the money from our bank account to our partner bank account. As agreed in a Memorandum of Understanding between our association and our partners, they will finally invest the money for the projects as previously agreed. As a final step (as agreed between WeShamwari and our partners), they will take the donated money, which has been transferred to their accounts complete with instructions for application, and invest it in the designated projects.
The majority of our projects do not have a defined deadline, so in this case the project would remain open to donations until the monetary goal has been reached. In the case that the project does have a deadline, we will send the donated money to the project by the deadline. This is also an example of how we would choose a “needy” project to apply membership fees and non-designated donations to.
Should we collect more donations than the set monetary goal for a given project; the excess amount will be reallocated to our other open projects based on need.
Should you donate through our website, the minimum amount is CHF 10.- However, by transferring an amount directly to our bank account using the IBAN, there is no defined minimum amount.
We will be continuously improving our website and other language options will be available in the future.
  • Whilst spending time at Shamwari Game Reserve as a vet student, I have volunteered with a variety of projects in the local communities.  The outreach preventative health days were arranged by the vet nurse at Shamwari, Megan Sinclair, and showed how important these pets are to their owners.  They offer protection as guard dogs, a reason to get up each morning, and most importantly - companionship.  Seeing these communities first hand gave me the motivation to get involved with the fantastic work Weshamwari are doing!  These clinics are more than a 'trip to the vet'; they educate the residents and bring the community together.  It's so apparent how grateful the residents are, and how much fun the children have rounding up the stray dogs to bring them for their treatments!  Now I am a qualified vet I plan to collaborate with Weshamwari to offer my veterinary knowledge to the community and to raise money for preventative treatments, such as rabies vaccinations, which can save both animal and human lives.  With Weshamwari's support we are able to keep the animals healthy, and so can continue to strengthen the community.

    Erin Thomson