Testimonial of Michela Moro


Testimonial of Michela Moro

Today we had a chat with Michela Moro, who is a member and already confirmed her membership for 2019!

Here three questions we asked her:

1) What made you want to donate towards a Swiss Charity?

I choose WeShamwari because I know two committee members and I am sure that the donations are used for the projects. I really believe this is crucial when someone is making a donation as you know that your contribute will reach the purpose.

2) In your opinion, how does WeShamwari stand out?

In my opinion WeShamwari stand out due to their projects variety. It is not just about one big grant, however multiple donations can start changing people’s life. Moreover, WeShamwari communicate constantly about their new projects and the achievement of existing one.

3) Why did you decide to help African communities?

There is not a specific reason, maybe due to the fact that Africa is one of the poorest continent close to Europe, or it might be just because to donate it makes me feel better, and there is nothing better than being able to help someone regardless of it is from an african community or another country.

WeShamwari thanks Michela for her time and continuous support !

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