Cape Town Project II

Cape Town Project II

Dear Shamwarriors


We are proud to show you a short video about last October’s project Cape Town II. Elena and Andrea, two committee’s members together with Cindy and Chanel from our local partner, travelled to Cape Town with Yonela, Mabhongo, Mcanda and Nosiphosethu, who are four disable kids from Alicedale and Paterson.  


During the weekend the group visited a school where disabled people learn crafts and enjoyed a theatre performance: the school dancing show. They also went to the beach and swam in the Ocean for the first time, visited the wharf and Aquarium, went to an adventure park. At the end of the trip the group had a Brai (a South African BBQ), providing the group an opportunity to debrief about the trip and talk about possible future goals.


We strongly believe that such experiences have an immense impact in these kids lives, as it helps them to open their minds to the possibilities of the world. We are already seeing great results from the kids taken on the first Cape Town trip two years ago. 


The aim is to create new experiences for the kids with the hope of “opening their eyes” and motivating them to set and strive for their goals. 


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