WeShamwari 2018 achievements

WeShamwari 2018 achievements

Dear Shamwarriors

It has been a great year full of LOVE. Thanks to your ❤️ kindness and support ❤️ and that of some companies, we have had an impact on the lives of the people living in Alicedale and Paterson. Together we have raised more than 25’000 CHF in a year and half!


What have we achieved this year?

* We completed 11 projects this year which makes a total of 19 since the charity was founded. One of our biggest projects was to bring four young people with disabilities to Cape Town for a life-changing experience.

* Three of our committee members went to South Africa to implement some projects and discuss with our local partner about what has been achieved, future plans, as well as to meet with locals to better understand their needs and feelings.

* An orphanage where 7 young boys and girls live was entirely renovated.

* Sports equipment was provided to the sport teams in Alicedale and Paterson, giving them the chance to practice sports on a regular basis.

* Numerous instruments were delivered to a school and the kids are now able to learn how to play. 

* Multiple donations of essential goods such as food to the day-care centre. 

* A nutshell video in English and Italian has been released, to better explain how WeShamwari works. The English version is at the end of the blog article.

* CHANGE, a music video to raise awareness about the situation of the South African communities where we operate was launched.

* Thanks to the music video, WeShamwari has been mentioned in various newspaper articles and radio programs. We also were interviewed by a Swiss Television show. 


All this would not have been possible without YOU, and for that we thank you immensely. 


We wish you and your loved ones a Merry Christmas and a New Year full of happiness ❤️


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