Testimonial of Ivan di Capua – First donor outside Switzerland !


Testimonial of Ivan di Capua – First donor outside Switzerland !

Our second interview is now out !

We are very happy to have a chat with Ivan, our first donor outside Switzerland and that this year decided to become a member.

1) What made you want to donate towards a Swiss Charity?

I would say that the main reason why I chose WeShamwari is Andy, the President and Founder. Throughout the years, Andy has always been a man with strong values and a passion for people, his acceptance of others and willingness to help are truly out of the ordinary. After his first trip to Africa, Andy had such a strong urge to help that in no time he created WeShamwari and put together a group of seven dedicated people to help him. The dedication he has shown with this project is really inspiring, and after only 15 months WeShamwari has already completed 18 causes and raised more than 10,000 CHF! Andy is a visionary, and this is one of those charities that are truly going to make a difference.

2) In your opinion, how does WeShamwari stand out?

There are several charitable organizations out there, but I haven’t yet found one that is so active on donations. As soon as a cause is funded, the project gets going and is implemented right away. I really like the fact that the money doesn’t sit there for months before anything happens. Also, I love how WeShamwari posts pictures and updates about the causes on social media, so that I can actually see with my own eyes how I contributed to them and how my money has been used. This transparency gives me confidence in WeShamwari.

3) Why did you decide to help African communities?

There is so much help that these communities need: food, shelter, hygiene, clothes, transportation, water. Anything we can think of in our lives is very likely to be missing in theirs, and it’s not their choice. Why wouldn’t we help them? The big turning point for me was to realize that it takes very little to make a very big impact in these communities, a small donation can provide food and water to multiple people for several days. That’s powerful, and seeing the results of those small contributions goes way beyond any monetary value.

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