“Music instruments project” update

“Music instruments project” update

Dear Shamwarriors 

We are proud to show you the results of the music instruments project !

The above video, prouduced by our local, partner Shamwari Conservation Experience, shows the day that we delievered the music instruments to Alicadale.

The school principal also wrote us a letter:

“Dear Cindy and donors

 On behalf of the Hendrik Kanise Combined School, I want to express our great appreciation for your invaluable and timeous support as young people in our communities are challenged by scourge of drugs and substance abuse.

 I know your generosity in making the musical equipment available to us was not without personal expense to your own organization. The donation made to the school surpasses all our dreams of owning such state-of-the art musical instruments.

 To thank you adequately is impossible. I do hope you will gain some inner satisfaction in knowing that through your efforts you have made our institution a better place to holistically develop our learners. We trust the school community will remember over the years your generosity of spirit.

Thank you sincerely for all the wholehearted assistance.

Myona, Monde Patrick (Hendrik Kanise Combined School – Principal) “

Thanks to our donation and a Sunshine Coast Charity donation, we were able to buy: 10 guitars, 10 guitar bags, 2 djembe drums, 2 shakers, 1 keyboard and some music books, guitar pics and extra guitar strings.

The WeShamwari committee thank all the donors that allowed to introduce the teaching of music instruments in this community.

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