Fifth “Monthly Food Hamper Day Care” project completed !

Fifth “Monthly Food Hamper Day Care” project completed !

We are delighted to show you a video of Phumla, who started and manages one of the day care centers.

In collaboration with our local partner, Shamwari conservation Experience, she thanks all the donors for their donations. She has proudly taken the video in front of part of the food that we delivered for our food hamper number 5 project !

Here is her letter:

“Dear Cindy & WeShamwari

Letter of Gratitude

This serves as a letter of gratitude for the food donation you donated in our Centre for Crèche & After Care programme on the 16 May 2018.

We didn’t expect this much donation. You rescued us out of stress of always scratching heads about children’s meal of the day.  We even managed to have a menu of each day so that we are sure not to waste time thinking menu of the day.  We really appreciate your assistance and your time of thinking and discussing about us.  We are now out of poverty because of your support.W

Once again, thank you so much. With your support, we will be able to achieve our objectives. 

Warm regards
Phumla Gojela”

A special thanks to all the donors that contributed to make it happens !

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