Testimonials of Lisa Caspescha – Our first member !


Testimonials of Lisa Caspescha – Our first member !

Welcome to our new website’s section: the blog!


For our first article we are very happy to interview Lisa, who was the first person to become member and is still supporting us. We asked her the following three questions:


1) Why did you become member?

I support various charities operating in Africa. One of the most important factors for me is the reliability of the charity (in this case I personally know the President). The frequent updates regarding the projects and progress of the community easily allows me to track my impact.  Nowadays, thanks to technology supports it has become easier to keep updated.

Personally, I prefer to support small charities that use donations for projects rather than overhead expenses. Last but not least, I chose to become a member because I admire the guys operating WeShamwari as volunteers and for their commitment to help distant communities which are very different from ours.

2) In your opinion, how does WeShamwari stand out?

WeShamwari communicates frequently, updating us regarding the achievement of the projects and the creation of new projects.

As a member I really feel like I am part of something important in a country which is less fortunate than ours. In my opinion there is nothing better than being able to see videos and images, which let me understand that even small annual contributions make a difference for other people. Moreover, the WeShamwari committee is always happy to discuss any doubts or to answer any questions related to any project. This clearly shows that the team is reliable and committed.

3) Why did you decide to help african communities?

I have been lucky enough to visit some african countries and one aspect that always shocked me, besides the beautiful colors that the whole continent offers, is the smile of the people. Although it seems obvious, sometimes we forget how lucky we are for our lifestyle, letting small inconveniences upset us. In 2015 I travelled for two weeks in South Africa, and I have to admit that it has been one of the most touching experiences of my entire life. Over the next few years I would love to explore South Africa further, ensuring I visit less touristic places and where WeShamwari operates.

Finally, I choose to show you these three pictures that I took while travelling and that perfectly summarise this country: smiles, nature and colors.  


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